Another Summer of Sportswriting

Taking the turn of the season as an opportunity to reflect on some of the work I produced over the summer and sharing some of it here. I’m pleased to have spent another summer publishing some pieces about gender equality and women’s sports and to have broken into ESPNw and The Guardian with pieces about historic and outdated rules limiting the distance women cyclists can ride, the first woman to win the Tour de France (back when they allowed women to have a stage race). And an awesome opportunity to consider Serena Williams’ dominance and defeat at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Serena Williams and Arthur Ashe Stadium on ESPNw.

Serena Williams and Arthur Ashe Stadium on ESPNw.


Essay at CityLab

CityLabReally pleased to be a part of this great essay series, “Finding My Place” at The Atlantic’s CityLab, which explores how we make cities feel like home. My piece reflects on how I had to get used to driving again when I moved to Seattle after learning to love the public transportation of the Northeast cities.