Selected Clips


This Summer Was Destined for Failure

The Title IX Loophole That Hurts NCAA Women’s Teams

The Sports League That Refuses to Court Certain Fans

This Woman Surfed the Biggest Wave of the Year. Here’s why you probably haven’t heard about it.

Maternity Leave—Not Higher Pay—Is the WNBA’s Real Win

What the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Needs More Than Equal Pay

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s Biggest Battle Is Yet to Be Won

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Is in the Finals. Here’s Why It Matters.

The U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team Makes a Really Good Case for Equal Pay

Women’s Soccer Is A Feminist Issue

CITYLAB: What the ‘Freedom’ of a Car Means to Me in a City Where Everyone Drives


Sports Science Is Changing How Female Olympians Train. It Could Help You, Too

How Weightlifting Helped One Writer Work Through Her PTSD

Protect Pregnant Women ‘Through Research,’ Not ‘From Research,’ OB-GYNs Urge

Transgender Hockey Player Postpones Hormone Treatment To Keep Playing

Health Law Improves Protections For Emergency Room Patients

Freedom Soda: New York’s Ban On Big Sodas Hits Us Where We’re Human

Senators Look To Limit Drug Makers’ Use Of Prescription Data


Lifting 300 pounds? No Problem. Tackling Diversity in Fitness? Trickier

The Entire West Coast Will Soon Have Paid Family Leave

Oregon Rethinks Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Life After the Chinese Import Ban

The Northwest Antifa Clash Has Spilled Into its Soccer Stadiums

The Child Care Crunch in Western Cities Will Take All Hands On Deck to Solve

The Amazon Backlash Shows Company Towns Aren’t What They Used To Be

Outside Silicon Valley, A More Equitable Startup Culture Is Taking Hold


She’s Got The Strength, But Who Has The Power?

Why Some Winter Olympic Sports Are “Faster, Higher, Stronger” For Men Only

A Different Kind of Party At The Women’s World Cup


Women cyclists still aren’t allowed to ride as far as the men

The reign and the storms: Serena Williams and Arthur Ashe Stadium


4 Real Women Have the Hardest Conversations of Their Lives—and Let Us Listen

Muzoon Almellehan Fled War-Torn Syria With Only Her Schoolbooks—and Found Her Voice

“Flint’s Kids Were Getting Sick; We Had to Find Out Why”

How Tablets and Tech Are Revolutionizing Education in Myanmar

Charleston Church Shooting: How These Five Survivors Are Guiding America Toward Compassion and Tolerance

5 Women Born Before Women Could Legally Vote Explain What It Means to See Hillary Clinton Nominated

Empire‘s Ta’Rhonda Jones on How the Show Has Changed Her Life

The Bravest Girls in the World: Women of the Year 2014 Profile


The forgotten story of … Marianne Martin and the Tour de France Féminin


Tales of Glory from the 2018 Paralympics


Interview with Jessica Luther, Author of UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT


A New Platform Makes Parental Leave Easier on Companies, and Parents


Tech Companies Offer Great Perks, Just Not For Everyone

Will Millennial Women Ever Get Paid Maternity Leave?

Exactly What To Say When Discussing Salary

The Millennial’s Guide To Doing Taxes — In 5 Easy Steps

What Women In Finance Really Think About The Ellen Pao Verdict


Weather It All: The Strange Life Of A WNBA Fanbase In A City Without A NBA Team

Alex Morgan Hopes Her TV Show Changes Attitudes About Women Athletes

Who Attends The Women’s World Cup?


The Great Gatsby is Really About the Housing Crisis


Great Moments in Menstrual History


Health Care Rewind: Many in GOP Supported Overhaul Before

Chart: Comparing Health Reform Bills: Democrats and Republicans 2009, Republicans 1993





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