What the ‘Freedom’ of a Car Means to Me in a City Where Everyone Drives

The Atlantic’s CityLab

About learning to drive again in a city where it was necessary after falling in love with the subway.

A Different Kind of Party


On the differences between attending the women’s World Cup and the men’s World Cup.

Death With Dignity

Pacific Standard

About my grandfather’s physician-assisted suicide; featured in Pacific Standard‘s Weekend Essay series.

One of Many

Creative Nonfiction

On the difficulties of writing about a large family; appearing in Creative Nonfiction‘s Issue #54, Winter 2014, Lost Truths & Family Legends.


The Great Gatsby is Really About the Housing Crisis

The Awl / The Billfold

Adapted from my MFA thesis about the history of homeownership in America.


On the Move


On being a part of the “Recession Generation;” a response to the New York Times Op-Ed “The Go-Nowhere Generation.”


Tempo Italiano

San Diego Reader

It’s Hard to Leave

San Diego Reader

A two-part series adapted from my blog while living in Florence, Italy and printed in the San Diego Reader in a special section they called “Blog World.”