Women, Parents, and Low-Wage Workers in the Workplace

I’ve been covering quite a bit of work news lately, including a piece for Refinery29 about Netflix’s new “unlimited” parental leave policy, which doesn’t actually cover their hourly workers.

But I also got to write about this amazing startup that is hoping to change the way companies do parental leave everywhere, for FastCompany.

Fast Company: A New Platform Makes Parental Leave Easier on Companies, And Parents

And I got to dig into real-life stories of the gender wage gap, and talk to some experts about how to really talk salary at work, especially when you find out a male coworker might be making more than you.


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Death With Dignity – Pacific Standard

My essay, “Death With Dignity” about my grandfather’s choice to end his life via physician-assisted suicide in Oregon was published as The Weekend Essay in the amazing Pacific Standard.

Paciic Standard home page
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